Hi there. We are a small group of people with two mutual intentions – to give you something awesome to read and inspire you to embrace a healthy way of living. Why should you embrace a healthy lifestyle, you ask?

The first and, sort of obvious answer is because you know what they’re saying: “The greatest wealth is health”. And it totally is. So, why not do our best and try and keep it? Second, it’s the thing now. Healthy lifestyle and the perks of it is all people now talk about. You know why? Because it’s really not that hard, there are tons of benefits of it and it’s great. And last, but definitely not least, we are happy to give you all kinds of, most of the time really easy, tips and solutions on embracing healthy lifestyle, from smoothies’ recipes and easy meals to tips on sex life. Yes, you’ve read right. We know that stuff. So, have a great healthy day, and, what do we say, what time it is?

It’s My Nutri Day. Awesome.

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