From tee to laugh to the real dude (photo + video)

This guy proved that everything is possible, only if you are persistent and believe in what you want.
Mark Ludlow was tormented by other children at school in his youth, paporadi it became indignant and wanted to kill. At a time when he was psychologically most unstable he lost his job, girlfriend, and was heavy 146 kg and felt very bad.

However veered page and decided his life to change from the root. He defeated his demons and two years working on his physical and mental health.

Ludlow wanted all to prove that dreams come true if you work enough, so lost 65kg and it showed people on social networks. Thus encouraged many other such step.

When I turn back and see that I was rejected for good things, it just directed me to do something for themselves – said Mark.





Look at the last 10 weeks from the transformation.



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