(VIDEO) What a child, who has NEVER EATEN A GRAM OF SUGAR IN HER LIFE, looks like!

Sugar is in almost every food product distributed throughout the United States. The fact that there are people, even children, who have never consumed a pinch of sugar in their entire lives. 

It is worth celebrating! 2 1/2 year old girl, Grace Cooper, has parents who are conscious about her diet and refuse to feed her any processed/refined sugars. Kudos to them and may they pass it on!

The article states:

All the baby food products on the market these days claim to be organic, healthy, and 100% fruit or veggies. But they are actually the opposite. Some leading baby foods are filled with preservatives and processed sugar.

They are ridiculously unhealthy for your baby, and you are always better off making your child’s food from home. Although it takes a little more time and is a little more expensive, it is well worth it in the long run for your baby.

The mother of Grace, Shan, says her daughter is able to understand why her parents refrain from feeding her sugar. Shan gives Grace a choice to stay or not stay in the diet. She doesn’t freak out if Grace eats bread, and she certainly refrains from limiting her intake of sugary foods. It is important that parents educate their children on healthy eating and not imposing restrictions in what they consume.


Grace’s diet consists of nothing processed, no sugar, dairy or grains. She eats a diet filled with wholesome foods filled with nutrients and vitamins. Due to this, her immune system and skin is healthy and strong.

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