Did You Know By Doing This You Can Get Rid of Up to 16 Pounds?

The health of the colon directly determines the health of the whole body. Almost everything we consume goes through the colon for a last procedure before waiting to be eliminated

This causes a variety of seemingly unrelated symptoms, such as

  • constipation,
  • swelling,
  • fatigue,
  • Poor concentration,
  • Unstable mood,
  • oily skin,
  • acne,
  • Frequent disease,
  • Under sexual desire,
  • Acne and
  • The sour body odor.

The colon is involved in some of the most important processes in the body. Most people know that it absorbs nutrients and then gets rid of what is not necessary, but what about mental clarity, immune function and libido? This means that if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of a colon malfunction, you may want to consider a colon cleansing.

Colon cleansing is an old technique. The Greeks are the first to develop into a real medical procedure, and over time has been shown to have numerous benefits. These include:

  • The increase of energy levels,
  • Which increases immunity,
  • Increased brain power,
  • Increased libido,
  • Lose weight and
  • Prevention of colon cancer.

One of the most popular and effective ways to achieve this is by doing the “master cleanse.” This is a ten day cleanse. The ingredients are simple. All you need are these four things:

  • 1 glass of filtered water, preferably by reverse osmosis,
  • Juice from half lemon,
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup and
  • 1/10 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper.

Mix these ingredients thoroughly and drink this five to eight times a day. You will certainly experience the effects of cleaning after the first or second day. This involves complete elimination of everything that had been built along the colon walls. Stay close to a toilet!

A colon cleansing is the safest way to set in motion some healthy habits. A diet high in fiber acts as a sort of broom, sweeping the walls of the colon to prevent buildup. Adding enough probiotics will ensure that the intestines are a suitable ecosystem for beneficial flora. This keeps digestion, and therefore all of your health, with optimum performance.

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