Why Americans remain silent: Under the Antarctic ice emerges civilization

California TV crew is missing in 2002 leaving behind a recording testifies that under the ice of Antarctica. There are ancient ruins that testify to the existence of an ancient civilization that once lived in this area. Except this team conducted a mission and US Navy claims the archaeologist and adventurer Jonathan Gray from World Education Research Ltd in the latest archaeological news.

Company spokesman once said that “the US government said it would stop broadcasting the footage he found members of the US Navy, which revealed massive archaeological site 3,200 meters below the surface of the ice.”

TV team of “Atlantis,” which captures the image still listed as missing – said Gray.

Lawyers for the team once said that the company is its most important security team, but that they would resist any attempt to censor material that apparently interested public.

– Ice continent does not belong to any nation, they say. “The US has no jurisdiction in that area.”

– Photo sopstvensot in the “Atlantis” we have made, so ours is, and when we restore, we plan to publish it, stressing from California telvizija.

Gray argues that two members of the US Navy in detail described the council of the National Science Foundation as seen in the image. The tape shows the spectacular ruins and other things that “were not allowed to enter.”

Officials of the US Navy denies the story and deny that there is any recording that captures the missing crew of “Atlantis.”

Navy sources have found a picture in an abandoned hole to supply 160 kilometers west of the station Vostok.

Many feel that the tape shows lost city of Antarctica.

An international team of American and European researchers claim they have found ancient pyramids on the continent covered with ice. Details are incomplete, but released three pictures of which looms the question. Two of the three large pyramidal structures found about 15 kilometers inland, and the third naosha not far from the coast and it is clear from the ocean.

Planned expedition to one of the pyramids to determine whether it is natural or beshtachki buildings. Last entries Team observed on 29 August 2012.

Researcher Jonathan Gray said the artifacts representing an advanced ancient technology usually hide because you do not agree with the current academic beliefs. The destroyed or hide all evidence. He said that countries such as Peru, the United States, Israel, New Zealand, France and Australia hid the evidence is overwhelming.

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