Doctors Warn: Don’t Wear Flip Flops For THIS Dangerous Reason!

They might appear like the ideal summer footwear. However did you understand that flip-flops really position a variety of threats to your health? Some experts are even referring to them as the most dangerous footwear out there. What makes flip-flops so bad? Well, for one, they exposure your feet to unnatural quantities of tension.

” They let your foot be as flat as they can be,” stated Jim Christina, director of scientific affairs at the American Podiatric Medical Association. “If you have a foot that has the tendency to over-flatten, then you’re not getting any support.”

This can result in a number of conditions, consisting of the über-painful plantar fasciitis– swelling of tissue on the bottom of your feet.

Flip-flops are likewise … well, floppy. Your toes need to work extra difficult to keep them on your feet. Over timethis can cause a condition understood as hammertoe, where the knuckles of your toes arch unnaturally upwards. Not enjoyable.

All those threats we just covered– they all come from simply wearing flip-flops. We have not even entered into exactly what happens when you stumble. And you will stumble; it belongs to the flip-flop-wearing code.

When you undoubtedly stumble, your skimpy footwear will offer absolutely no help. No ankle protection, no coverage versus sharp rocks. Your flip-flops may have gotten you into that fall however make no error– you’re handling the consequences on your own.

You may believe your flip-flops keep your feet all breezy, fresh and free of any potentially-dangerous bacteria.


The New york city Times took flip-flops from 2 of their press reporters and sent them off to a lab. What did they find? Well, the foam was harboring Staphylococcus aureus, a germs that can be fatal.

That wasn’t all they discovered. No, there were 18,100 other damaging bacteria on the flip-flops.

You ‘d be better off walking barefoot. No, seriously.

Yes, your feet will be exposed to the very same bacteria. But the majority of us take a great, clean shower and clean our feet completely after a day at the beach. When’s the last time you offered your flip-flops a great scrubbing?

Walking barefoot also fixes the foot support problem. Think about it. Your feet are designed to support your body’s weight naturally. For the majority of human existence, shoes were viewed as a luxury and barefoot was the only way many people got around.

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