Dying Mi5 Agent Admits to Killing Princess Diana in Deathbed Confession

With just weeks to live, a previous Mi5 spook has made a stunning admission on his deathbed: He executed Princess Diana.

Previous Mi5 knowledge officer and professional killer agent John Hopkins might be 80-years of age and kicking the bucket, however as a veteran of 38 years, he has a lot of privileged insights to tell, none greater than this one: He was in charge of Princess Diana’s passing, under direct requests from the crown.

The resigned British professional killer says he functioned as a component of a phone of seven agents who were trusted to direct political deaths amid a period he depicts as “when MI5 worked with less outer oversight.”

In any case, Hopkins said Princess Diana was the main ladies he slaughtered, including “She was the main target where the request came specifically from the Royal family.”

“She knew excessively numerous Royal insider facts. She had a gigantic resentment and she would open up to the world about a wide range of wild claims,” he stated, guaranteeing it was altogether associated with her choice that she would separate Prince Philip.

“My manager revealed to me she needed to bite the dust – he’d gotten arranges specifically from Prince Philip – and we needed to make it resemble an accident…I’d never murdered a lady, substantially less a princess, yet I obeyed orders. I did it for Queen and nation.”

As per Hopkins, the request came straightforwardly from Buckingham Palace.

Hopkins concedes he hopes to be captured after his confirmations, or even hushed, however includes that any such activity would be confounded by the way that a large portion of his partners and schemers are now dead.

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