High school teacher from Oklahoma, caught in sex with his underage student. (photo + video)

Hunter Day is a 22-year-old Oklahoma high school teacher, charged with raping after being caught in a sexual relationship with her little schoolteacher.

Last Wednesday, charges were filed against rape and seduction of a minor “with the help of technology,” the court documents said.

The professor was caught on 15 November in a carefully organized action by the police there. The investigation into Dey’s behavior began because of the accusations of parents who doubted their son.

The boy’s parents arrived at the police chief’s office with his son’s mobile phone and demanded forensic expertise on the contents of the boy. The researchers told them that they had already found messages and pictures in the phone and worried that they had already had sexual intercourse.

The expertise revealed that the student and the professor had already had sexual intercourse and had arranged a new meeting in her house on September 15.

With the help of the phone the juvenile contacted the professor acting with her lover and asked if the contract was still valid.

She replied affirmatively and asked the student to come as soon as possible, because her husband, also a professor in the same school, soon returned from work.

When police investigators arrived at her house and sent a message they were at the door. “It’s unlocked as usual,” she wrote.

When they entered, they caught the professor in the living room on a couch with candles lit. She had a Christmas theme t-shirt (a cat with Santa’s hat and short “hot” pants.


They immediately discovered why they entered, and she was immediately recognized. She also admitted that she sent her photos to her student in her underwear, and he was sending photos of her genitals.

-This is a classic example of a serious breach of trust in the public. The professor’s task is to protect and educate our children, and not to engage in illicit sexual relations with them, said police chief Chris West.

Hunter Day was taken to an investigative prison with charges of rape, possession of child pornography and sexual seduction of a minor using technology. And set a bail of $ 85,000.



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