A patient brought to the Emergency Room, doctors were not to save their lives because of this tattoo!

Because of the excessive amount of alcohol, his heart stopped, and when doctors began to revive and save his life, they saw the tattoo on his chest, which forced them to let him die.

On the chest, under the very neck, the man had a tattoo that said “not to be revived.” The paramedics attempted to find documents among his works that could serve as legally valid, but failed.

In the end, they decided to respect the patient’s desire, and two hours later, however, they found a document that confirmed that they did the right thing. Prior to the decision, they consulted with ethics.

Morris Holt, one of the doctors, said that he and colleagues often tattooed such desires, but only as a joke. The fact that there is someone who did such a thing tattooed on the chest really surprised them.

Tattoos are otherwise not legally binding. In fact, explains Dr. Holt, there are many specific conditions for such things.

– The application must be written on yellow paper, and must be signed by the patient and the doctor … The rules do not mention the tattoos – the doctor said, the Daily Mail reports.


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