Rude Woman Blocks Plane Passenger’s TV With Long Ponytail, Then He Publicly Shames Her

Plane rides can be confined, debilitating, and awkward. Whatever you can do is sit back, attempt to unwind, and petition God for a smooth, simple ride. In March 2016, a viral photograph demonstrated a female plane traveler whose long pig tail hung over the back of her seat and totally secured the TV of the man sitting behind her.

The man situated behind this negligent lady was Dante Ramos, who happens to be a feature writer for the Boston Globe. He snapped a photograph of his hindered see, then posted the maddening yet clever picture on Twitter with the accompanying inscription:

“Well done to the ponytailed young lady in seat 22B. You’ve created a radical better approach to be horrendous at 35,000 feet.”

The photograph was met with many jokes from individuals who said they’d clip off the pig tail on the off chance that they could. Others censured Dante for disgracing the lady, as opposed to cordially requesting that her expel her hair from his TV.

In the wake of seeing his Tweet was becoming famous online, Dante furnished his perusers with a refresh:

“For the record: After wondering for a bit at her absence, we stood out enough to be noticed. She moved it.”

Watch Video Below:

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