(True life story) This 18-Year-Old Girl Lived on 3 Apples a Day for 8 Months! 5 Years Later This is What she Looks Like!

Victoire Macon Dauxerre is a 18-year-old secondary school understudy from France. Victoire has been extremely bustling contemplating for the up and coming end
of the year tests. One day, she chose to offer herself a reprieve and run shopping with her mother keeping in mind the end goal to unwind. Nonetheless, she didn’t realize that this day would be a defining moment in her life and that it would transform her life into a bad dream.

She was spotted by a demonstrating office in one of the shopping centers. Despite the fact that her fantasy was to learn at Sciences Ace, a prominent College in Paris, she by one means or another let herself include in the realm of sparkle, trusting that that it was something that each youngster young lady needs! Be that as it may, not long after in the wake of joining the World class demonstrating office, her life drastically changed.

Victoire got herself caught in reality as we know it where thin bodies overwhelm. As she clarifies, “no one revealed to me I needed to get in shape. Yet, I was told: in September, you’ll be doing the Mold Weeks, the garments are estimate 32-34, and you’ll need to fit in them.”

At that point, he began to essentially starve herself, which brought about losing 22 pounds in 2 months. Her eating regimen depended on three apples a day consolidated with shining water, permitting her to feel full. A bit of chicken of fish was the main “genuine” nourishment she expended, and this was permitted just once week by week.

This methodology appeared to be exceptionally fruitful and Victorie, who is 5’10”, weighed just 103 pounds. She was reserved for consecutive high fashion appears in Milan, New York, and Paris and worked for prestigious brands, for example, Miu and Alexander McQueen. Additionally, she wound up plainly one of the main 20 requested models!

Nonetheless, this sparkle was concealing an agonizing truth. Victorie was experiencing anorexia, she began losing her hair, her heartbeat was feeble, and she had osteoporosis and quit getting her period. On the highest point of that, the used to black out frequently between a few form appears.

The most exceedingly bad piece of this circumstance was that her photos have been controlled. As per Victorie, “They added weight to my thighs and cheeks. The young ladies working there today will most likely say I’m lying. They can’t state anything on the off chance that they need to proceed with.”  She additionally added that the young ladies used to nibble before writer to maintain a strategic distance from pundits. Yet they would upchuck when the cameras were off.

Unfortunately, Victorie felt she had lost herself at the very begin of her adulthood. She felt discouraged, desolate, and bothered. Getting to be noticeably bulimic, she could see just a single approach to escape this circumstance. In this manner, she endeavored suicide just 8 months of displaying. As she clarifies, “No one caught on. Everyone was letting me know, ‘You have a fantasy life,’ however I’d never been so hopeless.”


After this unpleasant situation, Victorie decided to end her modeling career. Everything about the life of this young woman, now 23, is described in her lately published book, entitled “Never Skinny Enough. Diary of a Top Model.” She talks about the constant pressure to become thin as well as about the designers who seem to dehumanize women and treat them like vulgar coat hangers. “Karl Lagerfeld says, ‘a Chanel suit doesn’t fit a woman with breasts.’ But women have breasts by definition. Why doesn’t he just make a suit that fits women?!?”

This story was the reason why the French court issued a new law. This law forbids models who are too skinny to work. Victoire tells the other girls that if someone asks them to lose weight they should run immediately! Luckily, this girl managed to survive this “jungle” and recover from the hell she was put into. Now, she wears a US size 6 and is planning to appear on the stage again, but this time in theater.


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