Warning to All Parents: Don’t Let Your Children Eat Rice Cakes

Rice sweets are actually popular with kids, as well as though many individuals think that they are healthy, the reality is rather the contrary. A brand-new research study has actually revealed that these products have lots of dangerous levels of a substance which is a recognized carcinogen. This study was conducted by the Swedish National Food Company, and after 102 rice products which are available on the market were tested, it was discovered that a lot of them consist of high levels of arsenic, a recognized carcinogen.

After seeing this research study’s results, the Food safety company has modified its dietary recommendations on rice. They have decided that rice and rice items, like rice porridge, rice noodles or breakfast cereal made of puffed rice (including Rice Crispies for example) should not be taken in by kids more than 4 times on a weekly basis. The rice-based item which contains the most arsenic are the rice cakes, and thus, these cakes must not be given to kids under the age of 6.

Inning accordance with Emma Halldin Ankarberg, a toxicologist at the Swedish National Food Firm, many children take in rice cakes as a treat, however unluckily, they need to notify all parents that this is not good which kids must not be provided these rice cakes. Researchers and researchers from other nations likewise provide the same advice.

When it comes to other age, rice cakes are ok when consumed in moderation, however it depends upon the quantity of rice products taken in in general, the toxicologist includes.

People who take in rice in fantastic amounts, which is, over seven times a week, must reduce their rice intake given that they are exposing themselves at a danger of consuming fantastic amounts of arsenic also.

According to the research study results, some popular rice products, like Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, Organix First Wholegrain Infant Rice and Boots Infant natural rice cakes are some of those that were shown to include risky levels of arsenic.

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